PVC windows Gealan

Material: unleaded PVC profiles
Types of opening: turn, tilt, turn&tilt, fixed, tilt & slide, lift & slide terrace doors
Types of glazing: low-E (argon filled, U-value 0,6-1,1 W/m2K), safe, toughened, anti-burglary class P1, P2 & P4, antisol, reflex, self-cleaning, acoustic, matt-sanded, obscured glass, warm spacer bars, and many others
Hardware: standard, safe, antiburglary in class: WK1, WK2 and WK3
Other options: vents, bars (inner, construction, glue on bars, click on bars), timber decorative elements


Colours (decorative foil):


Acryl colour palette:


All colours available (RAL palette):


Gealan S 8000 IQ, 6-chambers - frame depth 74mm, flat or round sash available, 6 chambers in frame & sash, max 44mm glazing panels



Gealan Linear, 5/6-chambers - frame depth 74mm, 3 gaskets


Gealan S 9000, 6-chambers, 3 gaskets - frame depth 83mm, middle gasket, 6 chambers in the frame & sash, max 52mm glazing panels


Gealan S 9000 plus, 6-chambers, 3 gaskets - frame depth 83mm, middle anti burglary gasket

Gealan Kubus, 6-chambers, 3 gaskets, invisible leaf from the outside


Door profiles: exterior doors (inward, outward opening) in S 8000 IQ & S 9000 systems



Sliding doors: Lift&Slide S 9000 doors, Smoovio Doors