Timber windows

Material: pine, meranti (mahogany), oak, larch
Types of opening: turn, tilt, turn&tilt, fixed, Scandinavian (outward opening, top turn, top hung, top swing, side hung, side swing), sash windows
Types of glazing: low-E (argon filled, U-value 0,6-1,1 W/m2K), safe, toughened, anti-burglary class P1, P2 & P4, antisol, reflex, self-cleaning, acoustic, matt-sanded, obscured glass, warm spacer bars, and many others
Hardware: standard, safe, antiburglary in class: WK1, WK2 and WK3
Other options: vents, bars (inner, construction, glue on bars, click on bars), timber decorative elements

Colours (translucent-lazures):

RAL colours (opaque):

Sliding Sash Spiral Balance profile - The SLIDING SASH SPIRAL BALANCE window or tensioned spring provides the mechanism of lift to the system. Predominantly used in new build construction, it provides a cost effective solution to this style whilst retaining all the unique features of a sash window. It’s possibility to make sliding sash spiral balance in thinner profile -145mm.

Sliding Sash Cords & Weights profile - The SLIDING SASH CORDS & WEIGHTS window utilises pulleys and weights as the lift system. Primarily used when build circumstances dictate or when conservation requirements are a consideration. Ensuring the character and charm of the building is maintained whilst incorporating modern technologies, security and performance. For customer request we are able to do sliding sash cords & weights in thinner profile – 145mm.

Casement Inline profile - The INLINE CASEMENT is specifically designed to replicate a period window whilst incorporating the latest modern operation and security features. Often referred to as a conservation window, the design is characterised by a sash that sits within the frame to create a flush finish externally.

Casement Stormproof profile - The outward opening STORMPROOF CASEMENT is the most frequently chosen timber window design in the UK. The profile is reflecting a proven ability to withstand exposure to adverse weather conditions. Internally glazed with a modern concealed multi point locking system the design provides high security features compliant with Secured by Design conditions. The sash stands proud of the frame giving excellent gasket compression and the best weather rating available.
The old windows are inefficient, causing houses to leak energy and contributing to excessive heating and cooling bills, and to deterioration of the planet’s environment. The HISTORIC PROFILE it’s a profile for windows which are significant to the historic character of older buildings, contributing as highly visible features of the exterior and often as distinctive elements of the interior as well.

Standard 68 profile - STANDARD 68mm profile windows are characterised by a line profile highlighted by rounding of r 4mm radius. They are made of three-ply square timber which is 68mm thick. A wide range of colours, shapes and accessories allow to fit the window into any décor. This provides additional aesthetic value or character to any building. They are perfect for a single and multi-family dwellings as well as public buildings.

Historic 68 profile - HISTORC 68mm windows can be used in a single and multi-family dwellings as well as public buildings where it is necessary to preserve the historic style of joinery and building. Profile provides old-style windows and functionality is guaranteed by the latest technology. The success of the final product is a result of proper selection of divisions, sashes, width of the profiles, ornaments (columns, heads, decorative frames) as well as compromise between the requirements of a conservator and modernity.

Standard 78 profile - ENERGY LINE 78mm windows are characterised by a line profile highlighted by rounding of r 4mm radius. They are made of four-ply square timber which is 78mm thick. These are energy efficient windows with a frame thickness of 78mm. Such a deep profile guarantees a much better parameters for energy save than standard windows with a profile of 68mm. Energy efficiency rating of our windows has been increased by nearly 30% by using glass with thermal conductivity coefficient of U=0,7.

Historic 78 profile - HISTORIC ENERGY LINE 78mm windows. Profile provides the old-style windows and functionality is same as in ENERGY LINE 78mm windows. They are suitable for modern construction buildings which imitate classic design solutions and termo-modernisation of restored historical buildings.

Standard 92 profile - THERMO LINE 92mm windows are characterised by a line profile highlighted by rounding of r 4mm radius. They are made of four-ply square timber which is 92mm thick. Energy efficiency rating of THERMO LINE 92mm windows has been increased by 50% by using glass with thermal conductivity coefficient of U=0,5 (in comparison with STANDARD 68mm windows with U=1,1).

Historic 92 profile - HISTORIC THERMO LINE 92mm windows. Profile provides the old-style windows and functionality is same as in THERMO LINE 92mm windows. These windows are suitable for buildings which imitate classic design solutions and termo-modernisation of restored historical buildings.

Belgian profiles - If the house is located in a zone covered by a conservation area and all works have to be carried out according to the guidelines conservator or architect who’s responsible for Your building and window can’t have any metal elements we could help meet these conditions. In our offer You could find few options of hold without any aluminium drip. This profile we named Belgian profile because mostly windows in this profile are installed in France, Belgium and Holland. 
Belgian profile window we offer in three thickness 68, 78 and 92 mm and two types of profile Standard and Retro. In our offer we have three options of hold which we could use, customer choose which one of them looks better for him. Moreover on sash window we could install wooden slats which was made from the same material as the window.
Furthermore in this profile are available few type of Stick on bars and many kinds of unit glass (triple glazed, safety glass or acoustic glass). Moreover, it’s possible to perform arched windows and windows with an imitation of arc ( false arch).
Everything is tailored to the needs of the customer.

type 1 & type 2

type 3

EURO - scandinavian profile, outward opening, frame depth min. 110mm